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FIFA 21 Mobile
FIFA 21 Android & iOS

Get FIFA 21 For Android and iOS Device. Download FIFA 21 APK file for your mobile and install it on your phone or tablet.

FIFA 21 Android

FIFA 21 for Android is the football simulation video game which is the 28th installment of the FIFA series developed and published by EA Sports. FIFA 21 was first released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. After the success of FIFA 21 on these platforms, it is re-released and published by EA Sports games on mobile devices (Android/IOS). This time Kylian Mbappé is on the FIFA 21 cover. FIFA 21 demo release date is late 2020. FIFA 21 has improved a lot of features on Android. This is the first FIFA series to release on every FIFA 21 platform.

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Why you should play
fifa 21 for Android & iOS?

For the first time on Mobile devices, VOLTA FIFA Football which is also the FIFA in the street has been introduced, the game is similar to the EA Sports FIFA Street.VOLTA Football Game mechanics have been improved to this time. There are lots of features added on the FIFA 21, in that process FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) is one of the main features of the game. This is the first time EA Sports officially decided to release FIFA on Android. The game is played with the help of the Floating Analog button and Floating Analog there is a different button for pass/short pass, shooting, showing skills, long pass which makes it easier than that of the previous series of the game. Now there are two ways to control the player inside the game that is by floating keys or by connecting the Bluetooth controller in the devices. FIFA 21 APK has premium features included which means now you can get free premium game modes just by downloading FIFA 21 Android.

fifa 21 mobile
fifa 21 android


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FIFA 21 Android Feautres and full Game Info

As we know that mobile gaming has reached the next level these days, the game mechanics, gameplay, and game graphics are easily compared to the FIFA 21 Console version and PC version similarly. So FIFA 21 Android has been optimized so perfectly that is now it can be played in low specs android APK devices too, but then better the specifications your phone has, the better performance it will show in the game. The file size of the FIFA 21 Android after it is downloaded completely is 3.2 GB which is pretty huge but the game includes the VOLTA football too.

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FIFA 21 Android Career Mode

Interactive Match Sim
FIFA 21 Android has now a whole new to play out your FIFA 21 Season. What are you waiting for? Jump in and out of gameplay during the matches to control the outcome of the match, change the course of a game by controlling key moments like penalties and free kicks.
Player Development
Now you can enjoy more control over your player's growth in FIFA 21 Android. There are positioning training features in FIFA 21 that have been improved, while new development plans let you focus your squad’s development in the areas you want to match your team’s style of play.
Match Sharpness and Active Training
Get More insight into your squads and team-level performance with the help of your match sharpness and there is a frequent active training system in the game which is done in session just by completing this session you can improve your team skills and improve your team chemistry.
Schedule Planning
Players can plan the team's training activity schedule with the new activity management system. This helps to decide when to rest and when to play throughout the game which helps to improve the efficiency of the team. Also, help to balance the player's sharpness and skills.
Overhauled Opposition AI
Enhanced opposition AI now sees the opponent games with more intelligence in both attack and defense. A New System of AI now can make a good decision of passing, attacking, and defense similarly.
New Transfer Option
The transfer option has been enhanced in FIFA 21 Android. This Enhanced transfer option helps to sign players from one team to another team by controlled AI. Also player can make their own Loan to Buy offers with future transfer fees to secure new talent for your team.

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How to Download fifa 21 Mobile and Install APK
on your mobile?



Click on the download button given on the site which will help you to download FIFA 21 APK to your required android devices. After downloading it on your devices, Tap on the Install button and you need to make some changes since it is not downloaded from PlayStore (Allow it on your devices)



FIFA 21 icon will appear on the home screen of your mobile devices. Launch the game and you need to verify it, FIFA 21 Android has been released exclusively so the developer EA Sports will ask you for the Human Verification.



Complete the verification by running/playing any apps/games given on the verification page for 1 minute or more than that. After the verification process, FIFA 21 Andriod's remaining files will be downloaded on your required android devices which will take some time depending on your internet speed. Then, Re-Launch the FIFA 21 APK, Enjoy.

FIFA 21 APK Agile Dribbling

Agile Dribbling is a brand new way of keeping close control of a ball in FIFA 21. This feature is an added cause of inspiration of the real player in the FIFA, Also this dribbling gives you the ability to quickly move the ball from side to side to help dribblers get away from defenders and use the footwork to help you create space by tricking defenders into over-committing to tackles. The shortcut key to use Agile Dribbling is also easy, you can simply use the floating analog button and can perform Agile Dribbling.

FIFA 21 APK Positioning Personality

Now In FIFA 21 Android, EA Sports is focusing on adding deeper AI Player Personality in positioning, both offensively and defensively, to ensure that the ability of football’s greatest players on the virtual pitch matches up to their real-world counterparts. Now the player who is tactically aware to have a bigger impact in FIFA by being in the right place to at the right time to shoot, pass, or block the ball. So EA Sports has made smart AI in this positioning personality because this feature game is quite a smarty than of the previous series of this game. In Positioning Personality it covers the Attacking Awareness and Defensive Awareness.

FIFA 21 Android Creative Run

In FIFA 20 Mobile, the player can control over your attacker's movement with many ways to break down the defense in the build-up play.
-Direct Run
To perform this trick/run, Flick the right analog stick after triggering a run to take full control over the direction of the runs your teammates make.
-Direct Pass and GO
To perform this trick/run, Flick the right analog again and your teammates make their run after a pass.
-Player Lock
You can now press the floating analog to lock to your current player when on the attack

FIFA 21 APK Natural Collision System

FIFA 21 android has updated the natural collision system which helps to create the smoother player interaction all over the pitch. Key footballing moments like goalmouth scrambles and battles for possession in the midfield will resolve more naturally, resulting in fewer free for alls and less falling over each other when players fight to be the first to the ball.

Fundamentals Of Football in FIFA 21 Android

FIFA 21 Android has improved the basic fundamentals of football such as Passing, Blocking, Responsiveness, and Manual Headers.
Passing: More perspective understanding of space and positioning of the ball which allows players to play the more intelligent passing game in FIFA 21 APK.
Blocking: There is a new blocking mechanism in the blocking system in FIFA 21 Android in blocking the pass, goals, and cross.
Responsiveness: Now There is a faster reaction in the AI/Player which unlocks the more responsive players.
Manual Header: Player can now control fully over the heading shots/passes with the help of the manual headers that send the football exactly where you want to aim.

FIFA 21 APK VOLTA Football

This time FIFA 21 Android also includes VOLTA FIFA football which means now there is the FIFA on the street level too. so the gameplay has been improved in a lot of ways such as Energized Skill Moves, Agile Dribbling, Nutmegs, Shooting Improvements, Defending Improvements, Attacking Intelligence. You can play with your friends online too which is called VOLTA Online by connecting/creating in the same server.

Questions About FIFA 21 APK

Since the game is released exclusively so that EA Sports don't want to copy this game by another developer so to protect from that EA Sports has added the verification process, You can simply complete it by running/playing any games/apps for 1-2 minutes.

Yes, it is compatible, FIFA 21 Android is fully optimized. But you have to lower your graphics system in the settings. The better your specification better your gaming experiences.

You will need to follow the instruction given in the FIFA 21 Android Verification page to complete the verification. Sometimes there will be a quiz or app downloads. It is there to stop spam accounts that cause the server load.

Since the game has been improvised/optimized for all kinds of mobile devices, so it doesn't require high-end phones/devices.

Yes, You need to create your own account (Facebook, Google) before you play, so the game you played will be saved on that account, so you can save the progress and switch it to other devices.

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